Diving at Biyadhoo

The Maldives is recognised as a world class location for SCUBA Diving with many great locations to choose from. Biyadhoo is one of those ‘stand out’ locations that has many great dive sites and probably the best House Reef in the Maldives. Whether you are looking to learn to dive or are an experienced diver then you cannot go wrong in choosing Biyadhoo as your dive destination.
Diving at Biyadhoo is like diving into an aquarium with so much to see in the crystal clear waters. Don’t be surprised when you see sharks, rays, turtles and dolphins as well as a many other reef fish such as Trigger Fish, Parrot Fish and Lion Fish, in fact there are too many to mention and so to get to know them better you could go on a Fish Identification Course.
Biyadhoo has a 5 Star PADI Dive School with a friendly and experienced team to look after you and to make sure you have a fantastic diving experience. You could choose to improve your dive skills by taking a course, dive the house reef or go on a boat trip to one of the 25 sites that are close to Biyadhoo.
Diving in the daytime is fantastic but often you can see more and see fish is a different ‘light’ by taking a night dive, check in the Dive Centre to sign up on one of the night dives.
With the fantastic house reef right on your doorstep and 35 other sites just a short boat trip away you are going to be spoilt for where to dive. The sites vary from easy to difficult depending on the current.

Diving Highlights

Biyahdoo House Reef

Biyadhoo House Reef surrounds the Island and so is easily accessible with just a short swim, it has 7 passages through the reef which allow you easy access to many corals and fish on the towers of coral on either side.

The Biyadhoo House Reef also has a cave full of wonderful creatures such as Ghost Pipefish, Nudibranchs ( a mollusc known for its striking colours and weird alien forms) and who knows what other rare creatures of the deep you might see.

Manta Point

Manta Point has a light current and so is an easy dive suitable for all ranges of experience and more importantly it is famous as a Manta Ray cleaning station where between June and November the Manta’s come in from deep water to be cleaned by the small cleaner fish on the reef.   Keep your eyes open for Oriental Sweet Lips, Napoleon Wrasse and Turtles.

Hogura Hura

Hogura Hura has little or no current and so is an easy dive suitable for you levels of diver as well as being a great location for Macro Photography.  Covered with hard corals, ascidians (sea squids) and soft corals there is plenty to see and photograph while keeping an eye open for the Lion Fish population that resides here.

Kandooma Caves

A great location with a large cavern complex it is for the more experienced diver with its medium to strong currents.  With 4 caves extending up to 65m long it promises an interesting and exciting dive with lots to see, the cave entrances are surrounded by Sea Whips, Fans and Soft Corals while inside you will find beautiful red Soldier Fish, curious Sting Rays and keep your eyes open the massive Napoleon Fish and White Tipped Reef Sharks.

Kandooma Thila

With fantastic corals and abundant fish, at 300m long Kandooma Thila is one of the most exciting sites to dive in the Maldives.  Expect to find sharks, barracudas and big tuna, as well as a vast array of reef fish amongst the many hard and soft corals.

You need to keep your eyes open at Kandooma Thila as you can expected to find sleeping Nurse Shark tucked away under coral blocks, Green Turtle sheltering under overhangs and big groups of Eagle Rays.

Kandooma Thila does have a strong current and so is only for experienced divers.

Check out this link to Biyadhoo Dive Centre http://www.dive-ocean.com